Living Prosperity Series

Teachings of Catherine Ponder

26 Sep, 2021
10:00am -  11:00am

Event description:

Sunday Service Livestream

Guest Speaker: Frank Ferrante
Singer: Jackson Gillies

Sunday Service Series
Living Prosperity
Four-week Sunday Service Series of teachings from New Thought Leaders

Discover your true, ever-abundant, inexhaustible wealth.


Ever have any stress or worry about money?

That is because you are viewing abundance through a very distorted lens.

Money is paper we use as an exchange for goods and services,

but we give money much more power than paper deserves. 

We allow money to affect our life decisions, who we spend time with, who we marry, what careers we choose and our self esteem and value.

There isn't one area of your life that is free from your perception of money.

Prosperity is so much more!


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Unity of Santa Barbara

227 E Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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