Spiritual Leader - Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Rev. Heidi Alfrey - Senior Minister

Unity of Santa Barbara's Senior Minister, Rev. Heidi Alfrey, is an ordained Unity Minister who has been part of New Thought churches for 30 years in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Kansas City and Maui. Rev. Heidi served as a Senior Minister at Unity of Chicago for four years and as Associate Minister at Center for Spiritual Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL before coming to Santa Barbara.

Rev. Heidi is a transformational speaker, a master teacher and a spiritual counselor. She is gifted in creating an atmosphere of emotional safety for anyone to feel free to express themselves authentically and vulnerably without judgment. While she is committed to awakening spiritually and inspiring that in others, she is also dedicated to laughter, dancing, singing and NOT taking herself or life too seriously.

Spiritual Counseling with Heidi

Heidi is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Master Teacher of heart-led spiritual living. Any investment in time with Heidi is richly returned through the ability to lead the life you were born to live. Her wisdom teachings allow the blocks of fear and doubt to dissolve with ease and be replaced with confidence and courage.

Most people do not believe they deserve to live the life of their dreams. Our culture teaches beliefs that are not about one’s value, but about one’s limitations. Let Heidi be the catalyst for you to discover and reconnect with the talents and passion you’ve always had but were too afraid to explore. Your best life is waiting for you!

For more information, visit heidialfrey.com

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